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Looking to sell?

Haig Property can help you do just that!

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Knowledge & Experience

Milton Keynes holds a wealth of opportunities for residents and investors. So, if you are thinking of selling your property, we are here to provide professional guidance and advice to get you to market and, advertise in the right places to get the right amount of exposure to buyers.

Knowledge and experience are key to achieving the very best results. Our property professionals provide vendors with a frank and honest appraisal of their property. We are an independent owner led business, so we have the freedom to focus on the small things, the things that matter to you.

Haig Property want to be able to make sure every client that we represent feel they had received a first-class service - that ethos remains firmly at our core. Albeit a vendor, developer, landlord, applicant or tenant we will treat you as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Your current home may be worth more than you think, so for an up-to-date no obligation market appraisal or just an informal chat about the property market then 
please get in touch.

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Tips For A Successful Sale

Maximise viewing opportunities by providing us a set of keys and allowing unrestricted access as much possible. The majority of applicants ask to see things as soon as they call into our office and we like to bring them there and then if we can. We will always try to call you first.  
We will have told you if we think there is anything significant you could do to help the sale but it is always a good idea to make the property clean and tidy.  
If you are not living there, we also provide partners who can fully or part stage a home if this is something that you are interested in exploring. Keeping the property warm enough to make people feel comfortable is also key when looking around as well as having the lights on and curtains drawn when appropriate.


We are legally obliged to tell you about all the offers we receive unless you specifically tell us not to. We will have already found out the key information from the would-be buyer about their position and all these factors need to be taken into account when considering a sensible offer.  

• Is their purchase dependent on selling a property or obtaining a mortgage?  
• Have they got the finance organised?  
• Have they got a solicitor in place?  
• When do they want to complete their purchase?  
• What do they want included in the sale?  

We will have been talking to you about all the other interest that we have had in your property and we will be asking other parties if they are considering making an offer too.

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