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Choosing The Right Estate Agent

Haig Property hold the responsibility of looking after what is normally your greatest asset in the highest regard and continually work towards providing the pinnacle in fully managed estate agency services.

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Choosing the right Estate Agent can be the difference between your property being let quickly at the right price or not being let at all. At Haig Property we also want to make your fully managed agency experience as simple and stress free as possible for you. Whether you have one property or a portfolio to let out to, our team of industry professionals at Haig Property can take the burden of chasing rent and tenants away! Haig Property will always keep our fee structure clear and simple and offer a successful fully managed service where both landlord and tenant(s) receive a genuine and honest service.

Haig Properties offer both the traditional deposit and alternative deposit schemes. We’ve partnered with letting technology experts Goodlord to offer tenants the option of deposit-free renting - it’s the simple, safe and affordable alternative to tenancy deposits, whilst offering more protection for both tenants and landlord it also helps provide fewer void periods and faster lets for landlords. Working in the same way as the traditional deposits, with tenant/s fully responsible for legitimate claims, Goodlord greatly speeds up the end of tenancy process.

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Haig Property use open banking when referencing potential tenant/s to get an accurate and secure snapshot of your tenant/s financial behaviour – When referencing our tenants complete a digital application and provide authority to allow the connection for open banking. The technology bases the snapshot on the information the bank holds about your tenant/s income and rental payment history. This saves time so your tenant/s don’t have to collect and share all their bank statements and proof of their income, making the whole process faster - so your tenant/s can move into their new home more quickly. Haig Property provide 100% peace of mind to our landlords knowing tenant/s have passed our meticulous checks.

Rent guarantee and legal cover is available to our landlords, as long as the tenant/s have successfully passed our referencing best practice and meet all criteria, please speak with a team member to learn more about our rent guarantee and legal cover service.  
Haig Property safeguard our customers by providing a simple fully managed structure whilst being able to offer first-rate service and knowledge whilst we manage your investments. Having the partners in place to work alongside Haig Property sees that we are fully complainant with today’s legislation. We are members of ARLA, Money Shield, The Property Ombudsman, ICO and The Lettings Partnership. Haig Property are convinced you will not receive a better service elsewhere.

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  • Providing exceptional fully managed estate agency services  
  • Clear and simple fee structure (always)  
  • Rent guarantee & legal cover available  
  • Traditional deposit scheme & zero deposit scheme options  
  • Dedicated point of contact  
  • Peace of mind  

Deposit Replacement Scheme: Reposit

6 Things Renters Need To Know About Deposit Replacement Schemes
Did you know that the average deposit paid by renters in England and Wales is £1,139? This is where deposit replacement schemes aim to help you out.

  • A deposit replacement scheme or service means that you'll pay a small fee upfront, normally one week's rent instead of the traditional deposit of five- or six-weeks’ rent. 
  • This fee is non-refundable - but means you'll have less money tied up in a large deposit 
  • This can benefit you and your landlord or agent. The smaller fee helps to free up your cash flow, while your landlord gets the same level of protection, if not more, than a traditional deposit. 
  • You'll still be liable for any unpaid rent or damage to the property, aside from fair wear and tear. Any costs that you may be liable for would be calculated at the end of your tenancy, as normal 
  • If an agency or landlord offers a deposit replacement scheme, you should always be given a choice between that and a traditional deposit. 
  • Some deposit replacement schemes charge a yearly renewal fee and others are chargeable monthly, so it’s important to be aware that they could sometimes cost more than a traditional deposit, depending on how long you plan to stay in the property 

Reposit End Of Tenancy Evidence Requirements

Evidence From The Beginning Of The Tenancy
  1. Signed tenancy agreement (AST or PRT) 
  2. Signed check-in inventory (including rent arrears) 
  3. This should be signed by the tenant, if it is not you will need to provide evidence that it was provided to the tenant at the start of the tenancy. 
  4. Third party referencing results 
  5. The result will need to prove the tenant passed, if they did not, we will need to see the reference result of the guarantor or proof that the tenant paid 6 months’ rent up front. 

Evidence From During The Tenancy
  1. Annual inspection report *Where the tenancy has surpassed 12 months 
  2. Rent chaser emails *For rent arrears charges only 
  3. Record of any communication relating to the charges 

Evidence From The End Of The Tenancy
  1. Check-out report 
  2. Communication made with the guarantor to settle the charges *Where applicable
  3. Full rent statement *For rent arrears charges only
  4. Invoices and/or quotes *For cleaning, damages and item removals  

All end of tenancy charges must be notified to Reposit within 24 days of the end of tenancy. Supporting evidence must also be provided in this time frame. If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Please get in touch via email at